Saturday, August 30, 2008

Buzy last three days ....

I have been having such fun. My SIL asked for us to come down and help her out with a garage sale and just a good old clean out. Which we all do every so often and boy is she cleaning out, I really need to clean out like she is......It has been real great being down there with family working together. Letting all 8 neices and nephews play together. One biggy is I have been coming home at night leaving my 4 of the 8 down there. My husband I very very very rarely get time with out the herd. The children really enjoy being together which they don't get a whole lot of all the time. Another biggy is my SIL has also been taking care of meals. I feel like I am on vacation. Today it ends and I don't like when fun has to close especially when it is with a friend.

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