Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I love being on a farm

Today started out at 6:00am with being in the kitchen. Finally, made the maple syrup that Two Strawberry girls blog posted. Taste so good! Looking forward to pancakes...

Then came the bread which we have been waiting on for almost a week. It is so wholesome and good to have fresh bread out of the oven. Down side I made 3 loaves and 2 pans of dinner rolls. The rolls are safe in the freezer, 2 loaves are safely put away. The third hit the floor and smashed. Hooray I had not invested into the pampered chef loaf pans that I so want. Then next on the list was 6 pizza doughs 3 for tonight and 3 for the next time my family wants pizza at the last minute as they did Sunday night.
Big huge pot of spaghetti sauce that doubles as pizza sauce and sauce for manicotti. Love it with ground beef sausage and green olives.
After all this in the kitchen I hear the engine of the hubbies truck. That oh oh sound of........stuck in the mud. The remnants of T.S Fay we are drying up just not enough for the husband big truck and dump trailer to be driving all over.
While in the mix of stuck truck, the kids inform me the rooster has started its rooster noises that rooster make. So I am so excited I want a picture of the babies. The girl's are getting ready to lay the boy is cock a doodle doodling. In all of that the girl's get out. Well are broke loose, due to we have a yorkie that is always there within seconds to pounce on my loose chick. As of few weeks ago when he caught my one girl. Why I only have 2 now.
Then there is the pig that thinks everything is about her. And screams worse then and thing I have ever heard. When T.S Fay came thru and we had to move the pig I thought I was going to die of laughter. What a sight the husband and the pig in a tug a war ( of course my husband won). That is when we found how much a pig can truly scream.
The horse just got to worked up so after almost running my husband and I, he got sent to his stall. He was happy to be safe away from all our craziness we were causing.
With all the water hubby decided it was time to add to the drive once more in some of our low places.
All and all this is a day on a farm but not always this crazy. While driving the truck around the drive as the boys filled in the low spots, I looked up. This is what I saw, isn't beautiful. God's beauty is still alive. Just love the pameno (sp) grass when it is bloom.

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