Monday, September 22, 2008

Wish it was a only a dream

This past week all of the struggles and trials my family has faced this year came crashing down on me.

Thanks to my wonderful children and husband putting up with me and helping hold the home together. My husband putting up with the waterfall that just would not stop.

Yesterday my husband and I were not into going to church. The children were about going, our dear friends were also as we found out when the phone rang inviting us to church. My beloved friend has been reaching out daily to me just when I could not reach out to anyone. I am thankful she saw I needed someone there just as much as my husband, thankful he has his family especially his BIL. His Bil has been a blessing to him and to us.
In times as this it is nice to have someone that cares to pick up the phone and listen to woos even though they can't fix them but they can listen and let you know someone cares. With out a lecture over things you already know but your heart is broken at a time when knowing and feelings are not hand in hand.

Anyhow we went to church, I was hurting so bad. My dear friend new I would not go to the alter, she grabbed my hand and took me. Thanks to her prayers and allowing me to cry I felt Gods love and grace surround me. God allowed me to feel he has not forsaken. Thank you friend for seeing my pain and what I needed.

Yes, in my head I knew God does not forsake us. I knew of my blessings with my children. I was still lost in the lose of everything.

I feel happy at this moment and thankful to God. Will I need God pickup again sure the trials are not over yet we have even more coming not including the ones we are unaware of. I am weak and I only make it due to God's love and grace.

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