Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Boys and trees

Sunday minutes after daddy left for a week. The boys head for this tree.
Here is where the famous last words echo:
Daddy's last words was most important thing is you all stay safe, well I'm gone.
He was abit concerned being gone that long and us with out a means of transportation.
Well one of my boys I guess wanted to see if he could test the theory. Don't climb that tree you can get hurt. Theory won!
Picture this tree, boy climbing tree, slipping. A scare and a abrashion down the belly is the worst it all turned out to be.
My friend come out and picked us up just in case it turned out to be more but nothing more then a ugly scrape. Got to her place and he had forgotten all about it.
Lets add here he has not so far climbed that tree again yet. But I also have not allowed him to much freedom to find his beloved tree to climb.

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