Saturday, March 14, 2009

Time in a Bottle

How many times have you wished for time in a bottle, March 14 already. Seems a endless list of what needs to be done.

I am working on a garden this year. Also staining and painting walls and doors in the home. Hubby finally has finished some needed work to our home. Lost my black paint I was painting the classroom bookcases with... ugh...Just walked away. As we organize the more things I can not find.

Sweet sweet husband fixed the children's go cart..YES! I broke the axle couple months back as I was having fun.. Bad mommy, but I sure was having fun does that count.

So Caleb if you check in GO-Cart is ready!!!!

In between all of this work we are chipping away at school. They are doing great we finally got thru the hump with a few items, they are getting it now yeah.

I just Love teaching my 4 at home what a blessing and a joy. It feels so right..

Hopefully soon I will have pictures to post of our garden and some of the work we have done around here. The whole take download upload thing seems like another job at this moment. Soon though.

Have a great fun Saturday

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