Saturday, May 9, 2009

Reaping what you sow

Need to get some decor for my garden fence.

Thought we lost most of our plants this winter due to freezes that are not normal for the south. But to our surprise they all made it the roots did not die.

Love seeing the fruits of our labor. Even nicer eating. We have begun harvesting our salad, green beans and even a few collards. The tomatoe plants are full of blooms. The corn was being attacked by some worm and bettle. We treated them the other night. Hopefully that will take care of that issue. Corn is doing great, they bigger then I have ever had before. Looking so forward to the rest of this harvest.

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The Real Me! said...

You have an amazing garden and property. Living on the beach we aren't able to put anything in the ground. Trust me we tried. So we have a small green house that we are packing full of stuff and so far it's doing pretty good.
I hope you have a great harvest.