Sunday, June 14, 2009

Laundry Soap and dishwasher soap

I have been messing around with different laundry soap recipes since January.

I believe I finally found one I like.

What I like about this recipe is it doesn't need to cook, sit for any length , it is not guppy and doesn't need to be stirred every time you use it.

Laundry Soap recipe:

1 bar Fels naphtha soap shredded

1 Cup Borax

1 Cup Washing Soda

1 Cup Baking Soda

First time I only shredded the bar of Fels Naphtha and I did not care for it. This time I ran it through the blender, much better especially when blended with the borax and washing soda. So for this recipe it works best if you have a blender or food processor.

I only use a 1/8 cup in my wash.

The Fels Naphtha has a scent to it so I have not added and scent to the soap.

So far very pleased with the cleaning. Even hubby has approved.

This time I doubled the recipe, just because.

Dishwasher Soap

This I tried the laundry soap absolutely did not like.

So went on a hunt for recipes on what to use. Everything was the same as laundry soap just about.

Until I found this recipe for dishwasher soap over at Carrie's blog, Farming on Faith.

2 cups Borax

2 cups Baking Soda

4 little packs of kool-aid lemon aid

So Far so good . I put in 1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon then squirt bleach in the soap dish along with it. I filled the rinse compartment with vinegar.

Does pretty good job.

I love simple and easy. Both of these are and will keep using them.

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Noel said...

I love the laundry soap and fels naptha really does have a nice smell, BUT I did not like the dishwasher soap - didn't clean! had to run the load a second time with regular detergent. I"m going to try a few other recipes, but no luck so far.