Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cooking lessons

Oh I wish I had taken my camera with me.
Today at church the ladies set up the nicest cooking class.
The tables were over the top.
The table my children and myself sat at was gold and crystal. ( Then I found out the history of the dishes and that the crystal was waterford. Eeekkk, and my kids are sitting here.oh my)
One of the ladies dressed as Paula Deane. It was a hoot.....
The food was good we all were served samples of every dish, as they taught us how to prepare each dish.
I came away really wanting to make the broccoli and chicken dish, it had stuffing and cheese. All my kids loved it. Now that is a miracle in its self to get 4 to agree.
In between each demonstration were commercial. You know commercial pay for shows. Boy do we have talent at church. They reenacted pay commercials but using the bible.
One was the NKJV vs KJV (Mac vs IE)
another was Two by Two ( match .com)
The last was the john3:16 (shammy commercial)
We left with door prizes, gift bags and a recipe.
Here is the recipe.
Life's Recipe
1 cup Good Thoughts
1 cup Consideration for Others
3 cups Forgiveness
1 cup Kind Deeds
2 cups Sacrifices for Others
2 cups Well-beaten Faults
Mix these thoroughly and add tears of joy and sorrow and sympathy for others. Fold in 4 cups prayer and faith to lighten other ingredients and raise texture to great height of Christian living. After pouring all this into your daily life, bake well with heat of human kindness. Serve with a smile.
(From Mrs. George Fleming, wife of Neb State Senator)
One of the ladies shared this with all of us after it was shared with her many years ago.
Hope you all, had a great Christian friend fun filled Saturday as I did. I personally am looking forward to next Ladies Cafe cooking lesson.


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