Monday, July 13, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For today July 13, 2009
Outside my is a bright sunny warm day.
A bit cooler then it was last week reaching 108 in the sun at times.
We are having our summer showers each afternoon. Which I love.
I am thinking....about our Lord's grace and mercies.
I have had a very emotional week, involving my oldest son and his health.
Praise God all is good and the test available today can give Doctors answers.
From the learning rooms... life has so many lessons, books can not teach.
Forgiveness, long suffering, humility and humbleness.
Cooperation, giving and understanding.
We will do book work at the end of this week agian.
Life is a classroom
I am still working on the portfolio's for year end.
I am thankful for....Our Lord's blessing and promises.
My family is daily trying to remember God is in control, give him the Glory for all things.
He will give us what we need when we need it.
This is not always easy when we are struggling to hold on to our home,
that we love deeply and appreciate.
Our blood and sweat is in this house.
From the kitchen....Not to sure had a big feast this weekend with our 4th get together.
Hubby said last night he wanted country fried steak.
I am wearing...khaki capri's and top I made with roses on it.
Flip flop of course.
Don't know why I have any other shoes in the closet.
I am reading... Could say Power of the Praying wife but that wouldn't be total truth.
My head has been overwhelmed and headaches are apart of life this past week so reading has not been joyful.
I am hoping... to get time at the beach with our friends.
I am creating... knitting socks and sewing a black performance dress for little princess.
Around the house..all of my children are home this week all extras are back at their homes. Oldest is healthy so hopefully we can, after today's running, must get some lab work done on my son. Slow down get some things around the house done.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you....
this is the beginnings to a front screened in porch. It is 12 x 60.
It will be another living spaces for us. I can picture it in my head already.

Peggy has taken the Summer off, but visit her here to see what Simple Woman's Daybook is all about. To read more Daybooks, link to Grandmother Wren. Thank you ladies for hosting this simple reminder of the little things, it helps me stop think and reflect


Bonita said...

Sounds like you're going through some trying times. Stopping right now to pray for you.

I hope your screened-in porch turns out well. Aren't they wonderful?

Lisa said...

Your porch looks Great!

Katie said...

The screened in porch looks like it will be so nice!