Friday, August 7, 2009

God put's you where he wants you

Yesterday I went to Ikea, (first time ever). What a neat store.
It started like this,
It was mentioned last week, about going to Ikea when talking with a friend. She wanted help picking out window blinds.
OK sure.
Not to sure how serious she is about my help. Put it on the back burner
So Wednesday she calls and wants to know if I can go Thursday or Friday.
Oh boy, I just spent the last of my funds.
I just made plans with my MIL.
Sure if you don't mind 4 kids.
you know how your head begins to spin, you try to get the thoughts in order to shift tracks. You know since I put this on the back burner and didn't give it another thought)

So I quickly say "Sure let me talk to Matt". ( my husband). Thinking he can be the bad guy (again). He surprises me and says shift your schedule. Go tomorrow you have gas. ((this is in my head) I do? OK if you say so...)

Now do not get me wrong I am ready for a road trip (big time). But it always comes back to money for me anymore.

Then I tell him she asked about eating at Ikea (money for me again). He does a um sound and I start telling him the info he needs to make the decision on if I can or not. We hang up with out me having an answer over everything. But I call her back and say sure let's do it tomorrow.(Thursday)
That morning as I am leaving my wonderful husband hands me money for gas and lunch.
As always he takes care of me.
But just in case I was still spinning my wheels in my head how to make it all work with the little money I had, which I was using to buy the kids school books.
(he knows I do this so he likes to play with me by waiting until I am getting in the car)
Thank you honey!
So I put gas in the car and still worried about the day's cost..I finally say oh well what comes comes.
Had great drive kids love road trips they were all excited to see there friends. (did I mention the trip takes 1 1/2 hrs)
We finally get to Ikea can't see it behind the mall so I drove by it and around....... it.
As, I make the run to the bathroom (since I didn't stop anywhere and drank coffee the whole way over). Why do I do this to my self?
Come out and she tells me "Guess what?" "What" I say. "Until August 16 the kids under 12 eat free." she says.
"what!" Yes this is great!
That means all mine but 1 eat free!

I am liking this. I fed all 5 of us on 10 dollars.
My next blessing;
While we are shopping I find a easel chalk board/white board, wood framed at a very very good price. It has place for a paper roll (which is great for school, map making for us)

I just priced white boards without the easel or chalk board
They are pricey and I still needed a easel to hold the board.

Wow I need this. This will be perfect. I knew if I left with out, I would regret it. So here it is in my classroom looking really nice, by the way.
It sits right next to the teachers chair ready for our next lesson.

I come home tell hubby all about the day, and he says "You were where God wanted you today."
Have no idea way that didn't cross my mine. But he was right, God had me right where he wanted me that day.
God took care of my worries, he provided for the needs I had. He fixed it so I was not stressed about how I was going to the store today and then be able to get over to a church family home this weekend to drop a meal.
I followed with out questioning the why. I did worry a bit over money God showed again believe in me I will take care of you.
We are now off to our grocery shopping

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Noel said...

that's so cool the your husband encouraged you :) Good day!