Monday, August 3, 2009

The Simplw Womans Daybook

For Today August 3,2009

Outside my window... The sun is getting ready to go down into a sunset. The heat of the day is beginning to cool down.

I am thinking....don't really want to think. My feelings are getting the best of me the last couple of days.

From the learning rooms....we worked on geography with Beautiful feet. Kids are loving the maps and mom is reading to them. Daily we have a math lessons and reading time. Some days we throw in penmanship or science. We are waiting for our mold to grow.

I am thankful for...that God has opened a door where I can serve for him.

From the Kitchen... Black beans and rice with sausage. It is very filling.

I am wearing.... A pink and yellow floral skirt and a pink tank top.

I am reading... I am not reading anything. I just can't get myself right minded on anything of late.

I am hoping....things will turn around soon with the economy and for my husband.

I am creating...I am still working on the same black dress and sock. I did actually work on them both last night.

I am praying...I am still praying for our home. That God will guide my husband where he needs to be and needs to do for his family.

Around the house... I am surrounded by everyone. Hubby and the oldest just finished the kitchen floor scrub they do every couple of months. The other two are on the playstation and baby girl playing by herself quitely.

One of my favorite I saw on a blog where she decorates with pink Victorian looks so feminine.

Few plans for the rest of the of course, grocery shopping on Friday. Fixing homemade soup, fresh baked bread and jello for family at church. Taking it over to them with the kids to visit.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you..
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Noel said...

Hey Tara,
I have never used a history cirriculum of any kind. History is kinda my passion (as you can tell) so I've read alot. This year I wanted to go from the mid 1800's to right before WWI, so I used some timelines you can find online and began to work out my own 180 lessons. Wikipedia is a great site for facts and pictures. I also bought "the presidents" done by the history channel and "the civil war" by Ken Burns and PBS. They were a great deal under $20. Hope all goes well for you and you find something great to use!