Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today Tuesday September 22, 2009
Outside my Window...the sun is shining bright and hot. It is going to be in the 90's they say. Hard to believe it is fall.
I am Thinking....of peace, organization and cooperation. Some days it flows perfectly other days it feels like I will never grasp it again.
I am Thankful for...forgiveness, twice now we have had a missing important shirt. Twice I have called the grandparents since the kids believe they left it there. Twice the silly shirt finally showed up as I am folding laundry out of the dryer. I am beginning to think I am losing it. I looked in the laundry!
I am wearing...my nightgown putting off getting dressed until I must. Then I will wear my new outfit Aunt Mary gave me for my birthday.
I am remembering.....my niece is turning 10 on Monday and she asked me to make her a cake. That meant a lot. So we are making her a special cake. Can't tell yet, I will post a picture after she gets to see it herself. I am sure she will be pleased.
I am creating....I have to many project's going on at on time. trying to concentrate on the Christmas ones right now.
I am going.....to Kingdom Kids, it is children's choir but it is more than a choir the have bible memory and missions. Really a great program.
I am hoping...that my niece and nephew can join us on Tuesday's for Kingdom Kids.
On my mind....school, how can I get my son to understand division?
From the learning rooms....math, reading and music.
Noticing that....things are getting completed just at a slow steady pace.
Pondering these words....Trust-in HIS timing
Rely-on HIS Promises
Wait-for HIS answers
Believe-in HIS miracles
Rejoice-in HIS goodness
Relax-in HIS presence
These are lessons my family has been learning for the past year. We have seen His promises kept and His miracles best of all His goodness. We are learning His timing is everything.
From the kitchen....steak for the hard working man and hamburgers for the kids and myself.
both are quick since we are out until dinner time.
Around the House...kitchen is clean, the house needs vacuumed and school is being worked on.
One of my favorite things....windows open with a freeze clean breeze blowing threw. Soon hopefully this will happen.
A few plans for the rest of the week...orchestra and school. Soon we will be moving some bedrooms around, need paint for one.
From my picture journal..
Poppy at her first violin lesson with the orchestra
Thank you Peggy for the weekly reminder of life's simplicity. If you would like to take part or read more daybook's please visit Peggy at The Simple Woman's Daybooks
Peggy is back from summer break and has added to the daybook. Very nice....

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Jen said...

What a nice daybook post! Steak sounds really good right now! Have a wonderful week!