Monday, October 26, 2009

For Today October 26,2009

Outside my window....sun is shining with wonderful fall temps. The windows have been open for a week now even when we hit 90 last week. Love to be outside in this weather.

I am thinking....about grocery shopping there are things we are need of today. And as long as I am there I might as well pick up the weeks worth.

I am thankful for.....a restful weekend, I have been sick all week. I am regaining energy little at a time. I'd feel great if the mucus would let go of my chest.

I am pink nightgown not moving as of yet.

I am remembering.....I need to get back into my exercise routine. I was doing so good it was beginning to pay off as I got sick.

I am the store then home to rest and laundry.

I am time as of yet, now I am working on Christmas knitting and sewing.

I am be back to full health very soon.

On my for hubby. One job ending praying for God to open door to next job.

From the learning rooms....math and music practice and some reading.

Noticing that.....we are moving along more smoothly in math. Just chipping away at division with my 5 grader some days are really good days and others we struggle.

Pondering the words.....patience's with others, give understanding don't be quick to judge. Life can quickly change in a blink of an eye.

From the country fried steak and mashed potatoes with country gravy
Tuesday...Steak and fresh veggies
Wednesday... Ravioli and cheesey garlic bread
Thursday..... Pork steak and mashed potatoes
Friday......Pizza homemade
Sunday....Salisbury Steaks
And for me salads and 15 bean soup with jello. Maybe a black bean burrito on enchilada night. I am doing good with the new diet and have actually have started to notice some lose in weight.

Around the going on, some laundry line hung, waiting for last child to finish math so we can run to store and surprise them with a library stop.

Here is a picture from my journal....the bag is complete but I can not show you until after Christmas since it is for a very special Aunt.

To see more daybooks visit The Simple Woman's Daybook. Thank you Peggy for hosting this every week.


Sherry said...

Fall temps are 90? Wow! It is chilly at 50 and 60 here. LOL! :D

Hope you are feeling better after being sick.

We love some chicken fried steak! :D

A Gracious Home said...

You have a busy week. I hope you get to feeling better. I hope your son really enjoys being 21. What a great age. Doylene