Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Plans for today.....

Lets see if anything goes to plan.

Pick up house. Not a lot to do today, my amazing 13 yr old cleaned the kitchen by himself last night. WITH OUT BEING TOLD!!!

Laundry is started..looks as rain is due today. So we will need to keep an extra eye on the line.

Math needs to get done corrections made and a decision made with my 10 yr old. Is he not getting or not trying? Fact sheets are going to be priority.

I need to get my walk in before all of this or the walking will be lost....and the trampoline sometime before dark.

3 of the children are out playing at the moment which is good they are not trashing the house.

Kids have their choir today so the day is shorter for us with school and chores. Missed last week due to sickness around here.

Now off of here until tonight, washer just beeped ready to be hung. Then I am going for my walk, it is a good thing.

Blessing to everyone,

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