Monday, March 15, 2010

Jonathan May Concert 3/15/2010

The children just finished their second concert performance of the year. This performance was named in honor for our friend and teacher  Jonathan May, who we lost just 2 weeks ago. All the children did fabulous tonight in spite of the very noticeable absence of Mr. May. There was a few tears, but much laughter as we all joined in this celebration of music.....The advanced orchestra closed the night with Kashmir by Led Zeppelin...Mr. May loved rock and roll and showing the children how orchestra music is not all about classical music.

Marissa and her friend Emma on stage preparing to begin.

Jonathan and his cello

Was fun trying to get a picture of Collin he is here playing viola

Took me a while before I found Nathan preparing to play his violin.

They all sounded so wonderful. They really played for Mr.May tonight....

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Breezy Point Mom said...

Your children look so wonderful in these pictures. What a treat for you, mom!

We may be going to an FYAO concert Saturday evening at SSC, if all goes well Saturday.