Monday, April 26, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today April 26, 2010

Outside my window...
the sky is overcast, we had lots of lighting and thunder through out the night.
forecast calls for the clearing. Personally I was enjoying
the rain and hoping to see more.

I am thinking...
of how our Lord made everything and everyone
how life is so beautiful as it begins.

I am thankful...
we found our cat with her babies, that they were safe.
And that we are able to enjoy them with the mommy cat.

I am wearing..

I am remembering...
a home I saw last night. It had a wooden cross, an
American flag and a MIA flag. These were displayed together
which made you wonder if it was their own personal cross
or for all the families of the soldiers.
What reminder to keep praying for the soldiers and their families.

I am creating...
still working on the second scarf, quilt by hand.
not much has been done this week due to work and school.

I am going...
to try and get some more school in today.
Going to try to not think about the house until after
orchestra today.

I am hoping and praying...
for a great VBS this year. Can't believe it is like
4 weeks away. I agreed to head up the rec area, now
I need to get myself together and plan it.

From the learning rooms...
planning the year end and working towards it.

I am hearing..
children busy with some of the chores around the farm.

From the kitchen...
Spaghetti and salad
all not in this order these are meals we have
I still have not done much planning but at least we finally was able to go grocery shopping.
That was rough three week trial of faith of our Lord's provision and promises.

Around the house...
managed to complete alot of cleaning on Saturday and Sunday we
were gone all day so there is not much do this morning.
This good once the normal farm chores are done we can jump on school.

One of my favorite things....a really good cup of coffee when it is needed the most.
I switched coffees this morning, I am really liking the new brand
I am waiting to hear hubbies comments. He can tell in a heart beat any time I change something
It is very hard to foul him, I have tried with fat free and reduced fat, caught every time.
He can tell if his steak has been frozen.

A few plans this week...
orchestra, children's choir, and a birthday party with a family friend.
beach right now we are trying to go at least once a week.
We lost a our bike riding last week do to a full schedule I am really hoping
this week we will be able to go. I feel so much better physically and mentally.

Here is a picture I am sharing...
laying in our huge patch of wild flowers looking up at the stars
Thank you Peggy for hosting this weekly reminder how simple life really is.
Thank you for visiting,
Blessings to you and your family


Sherry said...

Our sky is overcast today here, too. Praising God for rain.

Glad you found your cat and babies.

Sounds like a great week. Your meals sound yummy!

Have a great week!

Felicity said...

I'm glad you found your cat. I also hope you get more rain - we've been having lots here and it's lovely! Hope you have a great week!

Lands Family Led by the Lord said...

Tara I loved looking through your blog. How beautiful your pictures are. Have a blessed evening. Thank you for encouraging me on my blog.

Seasons of Life said...

Visiting you, since I haven't seen you lately...due to my schedule and not being at Orchestra. Glad to hear the cats are all okay ~ nasty weather we had. Have a blessed week ~

Nick said...

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