Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring is in the air and so are babies....

On Saturday our baby had her babies 3 to be total.
Sweetie had come up missing and one boy was very concerned.
We knew she would be having babies any day.
So we were checking on her a few times a day.
We just did not know where she would choose.

We called and looked for her with nothing.
So this morning before the children woke I went out said her name and she meowed.
Then I heard a kitten, took a couple of time before I located exactly where
she was.

Sweetie had gone under the deck about a 30-45 minutes we had
a couple of deck boards up and had the new mommy and her three babies out.
Mommy is happy inside with her babies, I am glad I made this choice since
tonight we are having some severe weather.

This is the boy that was very concerned. When he woke to find his
cat was OK then to see the little precious babies, he lite up.
I have not seen the type of smile on his little face before that this kittens brought
to him. Was just amazing how he took in the miracle of life.

These little ones are Snow, Rosy, Emily, Suzy and Jr.
We are looking forward to eggs in October.
Suzy will lay blue and green
Snow will lay brown
Emily will lay white
Rosy will lay brown


Jr our Rooster can't wait to see him grow his beautiful feathers
He is a Brown leg horn

Snow and Suzy

And in here are newly hatched babies. Not sure how many the report from the
boys is 3. I was hoping for blue birds but it looks like some little finch type bird.
Another good thing is the blue birds are still around saw them flying today.
Oh and the other babies are the chimney sweeps are back
for the 4th year.

These are from last year when they some how found themselves stuck
 below the damper. They made it back to nest safely.
As you can see spring and new life and the renewing of old
is in full bloom around the farm.
Just love this time of year.
Thank you Jesus...

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adills said...

loved your blog, glad to see the farm is growing. Dad is working again. He starts the census for 6 weeks. No word on the kitchen cabinets, mary is dong ok. mom