Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For today May 11, 2010

Outside my Window...
cool breeze, bright sunshine day with prefect temps
windows open enjoying the wonderful weather.

I am thinking...
about our Jack Russell, Simon. He was seriously
injured last night by the neighbors 6 dogs.

I am thankful....
for a husband that can be tender when needed.

I am wearing...
working on wearing patience and humbleness.
Especially when it comes to my family.

I am remembering...
Simon gave himself for my 3 young children.
 He has done this before but this time those nasty dogs
pinned him down and seriously hurt him.

I am creating..
at the moment I have the same
projects going on. My life is over flowing with
our future generations, learning.

I am going...
today to children's choir. then tomorrow a 2 hr rehearsal for
orchestra. Rest of the week hang around the house.

I am hoping and praying..
for Simon, he is refusing to drink or eat.
Not sure how bad the injuries are? My son is very worried
about Simon since they are best friends.
Praying he makes it threw his injuries.
Thanking he took on the job of protecting the children.

From the learning rooms...
working on the normal books, but
life is giving her own lessons also..
first aid and tenderness given to a helpless animal.
 Patience, sacrifice of self for others
due to unexpected deliveries by life.
 Auto repair of a clutch
small engine repair
home maintenance.
Thankfulness and peace in the mix of it all.

I am hearing...
Pipper, the Quaker parrot.
squawking and talking trying to get someones attention to open his cage.
As pooh bear sweeps the kitchen floor the last of the
kitchen morning clean up.

From the kitchen...
taco salad
hamburger and hot dogs
marinated chicken
there hasn't been a meal plan around here in week's.
Just the season of life we are in at the moment.
Luckily hubby has been helping out since I don't function
well in the unplanned format. He blooms..

Around the house...
truck repair being dealt with, animal hospital (emergency care and nursery)
the normal pick up and maintenance.
With all that is going on we are trying to work together
and stay calm together.

One of my favorite things..
hearing my morning greeting from my daughter.
Her greeting began years ago when she was a toddler
every morning I receive a hug with "good morning mommy"

A few plans this week...
concentration on all our extra curricular activities year endings.
We are also working on plans for summer which include
VBS and  trips to a couple of local state parks also a few trips to
the free summer movies.

Here is a picture I am sharing..
a fruit fly trap, "IT WORKS".
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Thank you for stopping by and being part of our family this week.


Patty said...

So sorry about Simon. I hope all will be well and he will heal. Blessings.

Felicity said...

My eldest son always greets me with a hug! It's so special!
I really hope that Simon will recover from his injuries. Pets become just like one of the family, and it's traumatic when they're hurt or ill.
Thinking of you...

Erika said...

I hope Simon is better soon! Little dogs have so much Humph to them.

Cute about your kiddos eating the sweet peas! I am really tired of the rabbit and his nightly eatings. When I see them on my morning walk I give them a good talking to, it isn't working :0)

I hope your day is a good day


Sew Practical said...


I hope Simon pulls through this ok. Call authorities. Tell them that you want to remain anonymous if you must preserve friendship with your neighbors. These other dogs should not be allowed to run freely. Sounds like that could have easily been one of the kids had brave little Simon not intervened. God bless you and your family.


Wendy said...

hope your pet is well soon....the vehicle too. thanks for sharing!

cindy said...

You have a cute blog.
That is so sweet to have that little added touch from your daughter.

Karen said...

I'm sorry about Simon--I hope he is o.k.