Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Update on old friend

Hubby took her totally apart tonight found the motor had come loose and the belt was slipping. Well no more he was able to adjust it and fix her right up.

So that was good, but she still doesn’t want to free motion quilt. The quilt ladies had said the older machines seem to have trouble doing Free motion, which is disappointing. Hubby even gave free motion quilting a try. He realized the disappointment I have been feeling.

The praise is I can sew normally and can straight line quilt.

I am still set on having a new sewing machine. Will be going down to another quilt store to check out some other brand machines. After meeting the Brother Nx-450Q, I have to admit my eyes have begun to wonder and dream of a new best friend. Yet I do plan on keeping the old one around to be my children’s friend for the rest of her time.

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