Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas house making

On Sunday we went over to Aunt Lee’s for a really nice Christmas lunch. And for the all 8 children to make their very own ginger bread houses, then they made a mini town out them to take home.

Since it was Uncle Bob’s birthday in a week we had the best chocolate cake after he blew his one candle out. Yes we made him one didn’t want to make him work to hard for his cake.



cousin Madison , my poppy and me


Cousin Adam, Aunt Lee, Uncle John and my husband with papa in background


my piglet working away on his house


Aunt Lee’s foyer, isn’t it just beautiful


Our mini town


The Real Me! said...

That is so fun! And they came out adorable.
LOVE you Aunt's foyer. It just looks so cozy and inviting!
Have a GREAT day.

50 Chubby Toes said...

Fun! My kids LOVE to make ginger bread houses too! I like the idea of creating a little town :) Hugs To You, EMichelle