Thursday, December 9, 2010

Last night concert...

Marissa and her best friend Emma

Jonathan and Marissa before leaving

Collin and his friend Victoria

Nathan during his orchestra performance

Collin and Jonathan are on stage here but I could not get either of them in the video

Final performance of the night with our artistic directors husband singing.

Night was a hit!!! The picture's and video are not the greatest. My camera broke just as the concert began so I was totally on my phone. I will be camera shopping this Christmas.

The last video was the surprise for the audience, "Can't get it out of my head"

To end that night even better, we had a great time going out with friend's for pizza.

This is our 6th yr with the Flagler Youth Orchestra. Hope to see it continue on over many more years.

We have 2 more concerts before the school year ends. Can't wait to see how much they learn by the end.
Today we are relaxing and decompressing.

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Felicity said...

Isn't it dreadful when your camera goes just at the worst moment?? (or is that the best moment?)
I like the lights-effect in the background.