Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Living History


Waiting for the canon firing. They fire them every weekend about 5-6 times a day.


Wonderful view from the top of the Fort “ Castillo de San Marcos National Monument”


Preparing the Canons




My four children and myself


the old mill wheel


The oldest wooden school house. We did get to go inside asked my guys what they thought about the under the stairs time out spot. They all agreed it looked like a mini dungeon and glad we don’t do that.


Beautiful “Bird of Paradise Flower”  this was in the garden of the school house.


My mother in law, my daughter and myself walking down one of the old streets line with many restaurants and stores.


My oldest son with his Mimi.


My daughter sitting on top of the old well hugging the canon balls. We learned that the soldiers would use many times of items in the canons, glass, chain shot (two balls chained together) and a canister full of mini canon balls.

They were very happy to be back in the 21st century and beds not made of Spanish moss that they had to share with fellow soldiers.

We are all looking forward to another trip to the Fort and the History that surrounds it. So much more to see and learn from

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