Monday, February 14, 2011

Our new additions

After many months of saying “NO”. And many tears shed, we finally were worn down, or should I say that daddy was.

So with the birthday’s and our one son so set on a dog and nothing else was wanted. And when again we said no. He broke down crying with his little heart broken once again. This time daddy melted and began to look for this beloved dog that had to be out there somewhere.

By the next day mommy found the perfect dog. But with a few catches. The dog I found had a friend and they really wanted to keep them together. Well good thing I have 4 children and the Love is abundance.

Here is a picture of these two sweet, lovable additions to our family, Bear and Kona. These two guys are the best, well behaved, trained and most of all giving the love back to the boy that cried for him every night.


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