Thursday, April 21, 2011

If anyone had told me……….I would have never believed.

My day began as any other day does, not a clue how fast it would change. No one could have prepared me for what was about to happen.

As we were preparing to leave for children’s choir my cell rang, as usual bad reception and missed the call. I began to worry it was a 607 area code only person I talk to is my mom there. This was not my mom, began to prepare myself that I may have to take a emergency trip to New York.

So I tell my four lets go I need to call this number back and I can do it on the way to church. (God’s way of working).

As they answer they say my name, my stomach sinks but I some how had pep in my voice. He tells me he is my half brother, shock begins. Now my thoughts run to my dad, please no.

My brother quickly says dad is right here driving as if he knew were my thoughts went.

I have never meant my two half brothers, I have not seen my dad in 25 yrs. I called 15 yrs. ago when my oldest was born, never heard back from him. Finally about 3-5 yrs. ago I said goodbye my goodbye and told God how important it was to me to see my dad at least one time before he died.

God granted this to me this day out of the blue. Timing I say was God’s work. I was on my way to church. As I held myself somewhat together for my children. They are in the back saying mom is mad, no hurt, and then I hear baby girl no happy. Mom are you crying because your happy, she asks. Yes, baby girl I am. See I told you so, she announces to every one.

At church though was another story as soon as a friend asked me what was wrong the flood began to pour. One grabbed my children and removed them, at this point no one knows it is joy, happiness, rejoicing, praising and disbelieve.

But still the children do not understand all that is happening with mom. So thankful for awesome church family that protected them.

God’s timing is the most amazing, he had me where I would receive prayer and comfort to help me pull myself together,


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The Real Me! said...

Wow! Not much more I can say then that. Can't wait to see how it all plays out. And yes God knew where you needed to be at that given time. He's good like that.