Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lego Magazine

Yesterday, my guys received their free Lego Club magazines.

Do your guys receive the magazine?

My one son saves every last magazine he has received and when the new one comes, he gets all of them out.

And for the day I have lost him to reading.

Today I did get bible and Language arts done, I finally threw the towel in and decided, IT”S READING……..

And to get him to read is a task with in it’s self.

I am not going to fight a good thing…..

If you have little one’s that like Lego’s they would love this magazine.

My son now is cutting coupons, he just found they are building a Lego world in Florida.

He has been asking for 4 yrs now to go but California was just not happening, but now I just may have to make this happen for my boy…

1 comment:

LISA said...

We saved Lego Magazine for years. I may still have a few in a file somewhere. All of my big kids still play with Legos and sometimes Duplos what else is there to do when Mom is reading aloud. Hope you have a great weekend...