Monday, September 26, 2011

I am another year older

So this week I had my ?? birthday. I received so many birthday wishes that it really made my day. My friends made sure that my other friend knew and that the kids at choir that day told me happy birthday. This year I am really feeling blessed with the women he has put in my life. They are caring, thoughtful and there anytime, including being my prayer partners.

Life has not slowed down, so once a week I have made a day for the kids and I to regroup and relax. As my 4 grow, it seems they just have more things they are involved in. (something I looked forward too).
My husband and the 3 boys are practicing with an orchestra group for Christmas at church and they also have a quartet they are working on, also for Christmas.

So far my oldest is really liking dual enrollment in our local college. Sometimes I find myself looking at him remembering it was not long ago I was holding him in my arms. When a mommy smile, kiss and hug made everything better.

My walking plan has not gone as I thought with the 3 younger in tow. They love nature and exploring and climbing. I on the other hand want to move and fast so I can benefit. So with some very warm days that were humid we sat and accomplish some book work. We are still chipping away at math, this year I am really seeing how I can incorporate several subjecst together including bible. We are doing a lot of reading I am thankful for baby girl so LOVES to read. So my oldest and my youngest are my readers.

I am off for sleep, don't have the energy I use too.

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Felicity said...

Happy Birthday!!!