Friday, October 28, 2011

Needed a change

So last month I was on Pinterest. Have you heard of Pinterest really cool site wonderful ideas in one place. It is as you have a ton of people searching the web for ideas for you.

Anyways I found a cute hairdo, that was much shorter then mine and had taken a while to grow.

I had a ton of support to take the plunge into the new do. After a few weeks of telling myself just do it. You really need a new look. Come on it still is feminine it still can be put up and it looks in style. JUST GO DO IT.

Well here is my fear....hairdressers with scissors. I don't trust hairdressers when they get scissors in their hands near my head! (one to many cut crazies came near my head)

I have one hair dresser I trust 100% who use to do my hair every month and I looked fab everytime. (I use to go in and let her do what ever she wanted) The economy is where seeing her is an expense that is not an option. I do miss her magic.

So with much question I went to a lady from our church, I have seen her work and she knew how scared I was, and took the plunge.

And I am loving that I did! :)

I have found another hairdresser to trust.

Thank you Philippi.

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LISA said...

Too it!