Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Extra thankfulness

The week of Thanksgiving became very overwhelming. I found one thing in the mix to be thankful for, my dear friend.

As I write this post today and things are returning to normal I can see the blessings and the items to be thankful for. It is not always easy while in the storm to see clearly. I am blessed with Christian friends that come along my side and help me see.

1.) thankful for a husband that saw I needed a break and helped it happen.

2.) for my girlfriend that prays with me, loves my children and is there for me always.

3.) my mom is alive and for God directing the ER Dr to find she had had a small heart attack.

4.) that God answered prayers and my dad has returned to my life. That we saw each other and planning to see each other again.

5.) God knew what was ahead of us with my son and he provided the means so that when it did happen he would be taken care of.

6.) brave little boy who still isn't upset with the cat that bit him. That he has been brave and strong while enduring all the shots he has had to receive.

7.) a break from hosting the Thanksgiving dinner for the whole family. We had a small one just us and I found peace and joy in my kitchen preparing for my guys. With my baby girl by my side helping.

Had a wonderful 4 day weekend on our vacation from life. Enjoyed our children with out demands of school, commitments or work.

Happy late Thanksgiving to all! May you have also received many blessings

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