Saturday, May 12, 2012

School year wrapping up....

I am so proud of my 4 children!

My oldest has finished up his 2nd semester of college in the Dual enrollment program. He got a "98" in English 1102! Way to go Collin. (applaud and cheering)

Everyone told him it was so hard and that I was wrong for putting him in a 7 week class instead of the 15 week.
He told me it was so easy.... Would like to have more classes like that next semester.
We are waiting on the rest of his grades but I have no doubt. That they are all a's and b's.

My youngest son; Pooh bear, just wrapped up his math and asked to begin his new book right away. We do Saxon so he is beginning 6/5. He also has finished his explode the code and wordly wise.
If he is wanting to start the new book then I am grabbing the chance, he normally is the total opposite. I am happy for Pooh bear to feel he has accomplished something and it has given him incentive.

My baby girl is so far ahead, almost done in Saxon 5/4. She is on lesson 92. Before summer is over she will be in 6/5 with her older brother. She is only 9 and just loves school. All her other school is already done also, looking to order her a new wordly wise book. Trying to decide on the wordly wise version to use now that rock solid doesn't have the original version. refuse to use 3000 3rd, don't like that they put the answer key in the teacher manual, and charging 30.00 for it.

My middle son, Piglet, the music talent of our family. He is doing great with a push: before summer end he will have his math done. Almost has completed his wordly wise.

This is the first summer since we began homeschool I don't feel like our whole summer has to be spent on catching up.

We are going to take a break small but a break and we are going to do some fun school with geography, history and literature. Plus rearrange the classroom for a new start.

This fall is bringing new seasons into my families life.


Diane said...

Way to go Dills! SUch a productive year!!!!!!!

I didn't know they changed Wordly Wise!!!!!! UGH. We just finished WW 3000 book 5 and was looking forward to 6. (I didn't even know they had a teacher's manual...why would that be necessary?) hmmmm Maybe you can find an old version on amazon or ebay...I better look soon before I can't get it anywhere.
Thanks for the heads up.

Have a nice little break and praying your next school year is just as awesome.

Breezy Point Mom said...

This is a really good news post to read. Glad to see that school has gone so well for you this year. Now, enjoy that summer! Love you guys.