Monday, September 2, 2013


Today is September 1, hard to believe this is my birthday month 45 yrs old. Not how I planned 45. 
   Port has healed nicely can barely even see that I have one. Just under the skin if the incision wasn't there you wouldn't see it.
     One week from today, I all of sudden feel a need to organize the house and get it all clean and ready. 
      My husband finally made time for us and finally opened up to me.....I am so relieved and feel his is his love that shut him down when I needed it most...but all is good. He is worried about what is about to happen just as much as I am. He said the road will be rough but we will make it....but that if at anytime the chemo gets to much open my mouth and say stop. 
  He knows that I knew after my colon resection I needed chemo and the dr said no need. Now look were I am, he knows for my sanity I have tongi this road . I don't have faith in the natural stuff, I was already eating healthy and working on weight lose. 
    I am glad and blessed I have a husband that cares enough to look out for me.
    We are both concerned with after effects of chemo and how this will never ever go away, this is apart of the rest of our life.

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Abi's Blog said...

Hi Tara, I reached your blog thru the prayer request of another blogger...I had to comment and let you know I have lived through - with God's help and protection - cancer 3 different times and many many scares....It all started with Hodgkins at 17, breast cancer in my early 30s(with 3 young children) and then colon cancer in my 40s. I am fine right now - I hope this will encourage you - I've had chemo 3 times...I now have 5 grandchildren and keep them while their parents work - Not all at the same time - Ha! You don't have to post this comment - in fact you probably don't want to...Just wanted to encourage you to keep hanging in there! Remember His angels are encamped round about you! Praying for you.