Friday, October 4, 2013

After the 2nd infusion

Well I was told I wouldn't be losing my hair. Guess that half true I haven't lost all of it. 😜 
This week has been rough had lots of fatigue. I ran earns Monday, Tuesday I was down I couldn't do anything even switching laundry from washer to dryer to all I had. Wednesday I felt better so my mother in law and I took the kids for an outdoor adventure. Today I was better had more energy. So hopefully tomorrow will be even better. 
 The Metropolitan Area Youth Orchestra is preparing for their first season concert. I have been able to keep up some but I am resting up and preparing for Sunday. I am also going to take a lower key at concert. I am happy to be there and be involved!!!!! It will be a very nice blessing going into Monday for my 3rd infusion.

Will post pictures of our outdoor adventure in another post.

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