Tuesday, October 27, 2015


This has been a long healing process. 8 weeks has never felt so long. 

I have just passed the 4 week point. This surgery has been emotionally hard and physically. 

I stopped taking the pain meds prescribed, didn't like the effects, I also would over do and make the pain worse.

Through this surgery, I have struggled with the what ifs and fears. To the point that my anxiety and depression effected me. 
Jesus never turned away. Jesus spoke loudly! 

At the surgeon I was whining over the depression and anxiety. Dr said you DO NOT need those meds. Only thing you need is to be back in church being thankful and praising. 
  Dr didn't know I wasn't attending...
I heard I went...that morning worship song blood of Jesus white as snow. 
In Sunday school, another reminder. Reflect back on all Jesus has all ready done.
Jesus has done so much, he has provided all...

I haven't forgotten what He has done. I am struggling with trust....not knowing our Lords plan. I know mine and His doesn't always match. I beg Him allow me to be cancer free, allow me to live life with my children, allow me to be here for them as they grow into adults, marry have children. Allow me to be a grandma.....

Working on regaining total faith and trust. HIS WORKS DO SHOW HIS LOVE!!!!

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