Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Tuesday around here

We started off with the deseperate cleaning that was needed to be done around the house. Always feels great to have a clean home that smells fresh.
The boys took to practice of their violins. They are playing one of my favorite songs, Theme from Canon in D. I always look forward to the first recital to here this played

Once done with practice, we went on to math, spelling, llatl and before you know it dinner. Wow! time flies by to quickly. After dinner we will make time for bible.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Said Goodbye

On Sunday afternoon Lil' Bit (our loved horse) went to have a new home. Just as everything else will be in it's time. Lil' bit came to live here when he was a 1 yr old.
We said our goodbye's and took a picture with our friend. We feel that he has gone to a very good home and will well cared for.

Saturday doings

These are the 3 projects (relaxing mind clearing therapy) from Saturday. My children and I take a break and did nothing.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


New Beginnings and God's Promises

"New Life"

Our almost a week old baby finch

"A New Day"
Woke up to see the sun rise, the roosters crow, the bird's sing and feel the wonderful fresh morning air. Best time of the day and what a reminder of God's creations!


Always wanting you to be there!

"Sewing in the peace of the Sunrise"

Something about making something from nothing feels so rewarding
"A completion to a task"

Even if it is only for a day or two another rewardful feeling
Psalm 34:1
I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth.

Friday, September 26, 2008

I am so excited

I have finially figured out how to customize my blog. I am so excited and proud of myself I can't wait to help my best friend who has so patiently waited on me to figure it out. Until I get the link fixed with the song I really wanted by Third Day "Take it all". I have my 2 favorite from my favorite movie of 2008 "Mama Mia". I can't wait to get a DVD of it. I am such a love sick puppy.

Anyday girls!

We are in anxiously waiting for our first egg. 20 weeks is starting to feel like a eternity. Who would ever think 20 weeks could be so long.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oh my!

What happens when daddy lets his little girl drive?

The boys to the rescue

What are you so upset about baby girl?

No she was not hurt not even a bump. But she did scare herself enough for a moment. Due to she was ready to jump right back on. We said enough driving for poppie today.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Wish it was a only a dream

This past week all of the struggles and trials my family has faced this year came crashing down on me.

Thanks to my wonderful children and husband putting up with me and helping hold the home together. My husband putting up with the waterfall that just would not stop.

Yesterday my husband and I were not into going to church. The children were about going, our dear friends were also as we found out when the phone rang inviting us to church. My beloved friend has been reaching out daily to me just when I could not reach out to anyone. I am thankful she saw I needed someone there just as much as my husband, thankful he has his family especially his BIL. His Bil has been a blessing to him and to us.
In times as this it is nice to have someone that cares to pick up the phone and listen to woos even though they can't fix them but they can listen and let you know someone cares. With out a lecture over things you already know but your heart is broken at a time when knowing and feelings are not hand in hand.

Anyhow we went to church, I was hurting so bad. My dear friend new I would not go to the alter, she grabbed my hand and took me. Thanks to her prayers and allowing me to cry I felt Gods love and grace surround me. God allowed me to feel he has not forsaken. Thank you friend for seeing my pain and what I needed.

Yes, in my head I knew God does not forsake us. I knew of my blessings with my children. I was still lost in the lose of everything.

I feel happy at this moment and thankful to God. Will I need God pickup again sure the trials are not over yet we have even more coming not including the ones we are unaware of. I am weak and I only make it due to God's love and grace.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The chicks arrived!!

There here! Right now they are in our classroom. They are so fluffy and soft. They have little baby chirps. The kids won't leave the babies side want to make sure they are all eating and drinking. Little worried parents they all are...

Friday, September 5, 2008


This is him! He is so cool! He even walks around the house with the kids. Talk about personality, at night he thinks everything he does is comical. Says his name, laughs, barks and hisses. It was funny when my husband built a high perch for him, he was afraid of being up there at first. Now he climbs up and down. Never thought it could add so much having a bird...... Thank you SIL

Thursday, September 4, 2008

It is times like this

It is times as such as this that my trust and faith are at it's max. We fell in to hard times almost lost our house. We were doing good recovering until a couple months into this yr. Then one thing after another kept happening. Now I have added one more financial burden to husbands plate.

Why comes to mind?

Lord will reveal when ready, I say. And then I just keep trucking along with life I as need too.

Then bam here comes another and another and another. My husband and I are working to hold onto each other and not be attacking each other which at times we do. Such as yesterday, my day was awful. I don't function well when we are odds. When he is stressed out to the brim.
Before the day was out I was feeling a whole lot better, went to violin spent time with my friends.
As I was trying to get home to husband now in need, due to feeling sick and someone on the way to our home. I was just around the corner from our house I lost control of my truck. My last thought was MY KIDS! PLEASE KEEP MY KIDS SAFE GOD HELP US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well he did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.we are all safe we ended sliding into a ditch rear hit a tree busted the quarter window out. The kids were hysterical but fine..My youngest son was sitting next to the window that broke so I was very worried about him. He didn't get a scratch on him just shaken up.

My poor husband was on the phone with my eldest son as all of this went down. He had called seconds before it began. How horrifying it had to be him at that moment.

I had a melt down finally last night and still feeling very melted today. I love our LORD he saved us. I praise him for this.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I love being on a farm

Today started out at 6:00am with being in the kitchen. Finally, made the maple syrup that Two Strawberry girls blog posted. Taste so good! Looking forward to pancakes...

Then came the bread which we have been waiting on for almost a week. It is so wholesome and good to have fresh bread out of the oven. Down side I made 3 loaves and 2 pans of dinner rolls. The rolls are safe in the freezer, 2 loaves are safely put away. The third hit the floor and smashed. Hooray I had not invested into the pampered chef loaf pans that I so want. Then next on the list was 6 pizza doughs 3 for tonight and 3 for the next time my family wants pizza at the last minute as they did Sunday night.
Big huge pot of spaghetti sauce that doubles as pizza sauce and sauce for manicotti. Love it with ground beef sausage and green olives.
After all this in the kitchen I hear the engine of the hubbies truck. That oh oh sound of........stuck in the mud. The remnants of T.S Fay we are drying up just not enough for the husband big truck and dump trailer to be driving all over.
While in the mix of stuck truck, the kids inform me the rooster has started its rooster noises that rooster make. So I am so excited I want a picture of the babies. The girl's are getting ready to lay the boy is cock a doodle doodling. In all of that the girl's get out. Well are broke loose, due to we have a yorkie that is always there within seconds to pounce on my loose chick. As of few weeks ago when he caught my one girl. Why I only have 2 now.
Then there is the pig that thinks everything is about her. And screams worse then and thing I have ever heard. When T.S Fay came thru and we had to move the pig I thought I was going to die of laughter. What a sight the husband and the pig in a tug a war ( of course my husband won). That is when we found how much a pig can truly scream.
The horse just got to worked up so after almost running my husband and I, he got sent to his stall. He was happy to be safe away from all our craziness we were causing.
With all the water hubby decided it was time to add to the drive once more in some of our low places.
All and all this is a day on a farm but not always this crazy. While driving the truck around the drive as the boys filled in the low spots, I looked up. This is what I saw, isn't beautiful. God's beauty is still alive. Just love the pameno (sp) grass when it is bloom.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Summer fun with friends

Our good friends came over with dinner in hands. We had the best time the kids played on the scooter, the dads sat talking about dad talk and the mom's played scrabble with the 2 older guys. Then the children decided they wanted their own game. It was saturday before we new it (12:01). It is a great blessing to have such great friends in your life.

Summer's end

This summer sure went quickly this year. We did manage to make it to the beach for a couple of hours a couple weeks back. Dad was working just across the road so it was perfect.

Someone found a way to stay cool with out going into the ocean.