Thursday, September 4, 2008

It is times like this

It is times as such as this that my trust and faith are at it's max. We fell in to hard times almost lost our house. We were doing good recovering until a couple months into this yr. Then one thing after another kept happening. Now I have added one more financial burden to husbands plate.

Why comes to mind?

Lord will reveal when ready, I say. And then I just keep trucking along with life I as need too.

Then bam here comes another and another and another. My husband and I are working to hold onto each other and not be attacking each other which at times we do. Such as yesterday, my day was awful. I don't function well when we are odds. When he is stressed out to the brim.
Before the day was out I was feeling a whole lot better, went to violin spent time with my friends.
As I was trying to get home to husband now in need, due to feeling sick and someone on the way to our home. I was just around the corner from our house I lost control of my truck. My last thought was MY KIDS! PLEASE KEEP MY KIDS SAFE GOD HELP US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well he did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.we are all safe we ended sliding into a ditch rear hit a tree busted the quarter window out. The kids were hysterical but fine..My youngest son was sitting next to the window that broke so I was very worried about him. He didn't get a scratch on him just shaken up.

My poor husband was on the phone with my eldest son as all of this went down. He had called seconds before it began. How horrifying it had to be him at that moment.

I had a melt down finally last night and still feeling very melted today. I love our LORD he saved us. I praise him for this.

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