Sunday, November 23, 2008

Funny to see what kids think

Not sure where my 2nd son ideas came from. Maybe books or even some of the history shows he has been watching. I was packing the other day and he announces I do not have on my apron, while he is all adorned in his. Proud of his apron I might add. All the others chime in mom isn't cooking. He announces I am to be wearing mine at all times. That I am working and as I am doing things around the home I must have on a apron. So ok fine I will wear my apron, he has a point especially that day since I had on a white shirt. (what was I thinking wearing white). Nothing wrong so far with his idea for a housewife (mom). Then he makes the new announcement I should also have on a BONNET. What ?! Not sure son where this idea came from but I do not own one. He proudly announces he will get me one.

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