Monday, November 24, 2008

Simple Womans Day book

FOR TODAY November 24,2008

Outside my window...It is sunny and quite alittle chill to the air but weatherman says it is going to be in the 60's

I am thinking...about tonight my 3 boys have their first orchecstra recital. I am planning the day around this event.

I am thankful for...Aunt Mary for graciously opening her home to us as we transition

From the learning rooms...Our learning rooms of lately have been lot of hands on and reading the History Channel is also awesome. We are doing lots of music and home ec. Come December we will be back into the textbooks.

From the kitchen...Hot cocoa and coffee, I am still thinking of dinner since it needs to be quick and simple and early. Then I know my men and they will all want something again when we get home.

I am flannel nightgown with teddybears

I am creating...this post and pj bottoms forthe boys since it is getting cooler.

I am reading...Still reading The Bend in the Road

I am praying... for more work to come my husbands way

I am hearing...the boys practicing their instruments

Around the house...we are living with boxes in the liviing room the childrens rooms are bare with the exception of what we are taking with us. Still need to pack kitchen but will be easier once we move.

One of my favorite things...seeing my childrens acomplishments and hard work pay off for them

A few plans for the rest of the week: Thanksgiving with hubbies family at Aunt Mary's. This will be the first year I havn't done Thanksgiving in years. It is a blessing that Aunt Mary saw my need to be relieved this year. We will be moving the end of the week. We still have this place to finish up over the next several weeks but the daily living items and school will be at Aunt Mary's.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

This is from the back side of the house looking out to the front. This is hard to look at for me right now. I am working on what God is teaching, so I am rejoicing in having this oppurtunity to enjoy the country living, the peace, and the quite that came with it. My children will never forget what they learned. My 2nd son had his dream of owning a horse (we had 3) come true for a time. So yes lots of wonderful blessing are in this picture.

God has more wonderful blessings for us. I believe they involve family this time. We will be back down living right in with all of hubbies family. My sil Arla and I have wanted to be more like sister for years but just didn't get there. I think it is timing, GODS!

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