Wednesday, November 19, 2008

something just because

It has been a busy week packing up. Deciding what needs I need with me, what is worth to pay storage on, what can be sold and what just plain can go to the trash. Brain overload, this is a very hard emotionally and mentally. I do know it all belongs to God it never was mine. It is hard to see what you thought was going to be the home your kids would grow up and return too. Our dream of land and country living is coming to a end for a time. We are luck though we have our aunt that wants us to be with here as we try to regroup and rebuild. We thank God we have her and she is self sacrificing for us.

As for the what else is happening during the move. 3 of our children are preparing for their 1st violin recital on Monday. We are so excited they have really taken their music so much more serious this year.

Be glad to have this all over and get into school and a routine again. Really miss having school with my children. I have been receiving a blessing from this break. I have heard lots of things we have studied come back out. Here I was feeling they were not paying attention as they should during science. Joke is on me they were and is has been a wonderful reaffirmation that we made the right choice to homeschool.

Tomorrow is a sewing day need my skirt for the recital. Will post a picture when done with it.

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