Monday, November 24, 2008

Video of the boys plus pic of the night

Nathan preparing for his night

Collin warming up with his class

Jon playing cello

Jon playing his violin. Jon worked super hard to be able to play this piece

Nathan, Marissa and mommy before concert

Mommy and Marissa showing off our matching outfits

All 8 children in the order (well almost in order) from oldest to youngest.

The girls showing off their new dresses that their mommies just made. Arla made 3 of these for her girls and I made Marissa one to go with her cousins. It is fun to dress up alike.

Jon going on stage

The Collin is standing in the middle playing the viola solo with 2 others and Jon is sitting with cello in the black suit. This is my favorite picture since it has both of my boys playing. Jon has some Elvis feeling blood, he dances while playing.

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