Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I was finally in the kitchen today. As the boys did some school at the bar. Math takes forever it seems.
Daughter is going to choir, mommy is off to knitting with a very dear friend.
So the boys have the house, well things needed to be ready for them so....
Chicken Divine
Fresh made bread
Buttermilk pie
All made with Love for my men...
Was going to post pictures but I didn't care for how they came out so the imagination is going to have to work this time.
Off to knitting I go, to have such a good time with some wonderful ladies.

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Mrs. Shields said...

sounds yummy! right now i have a roast in the crock pot with potatoes and onions - just trying to decide on dessert! i think your endeavor to rearrange your school schedule to allow more concentration on the Lord is admirable. what a blessing to be able to homeschool and make those kinds of decisions - the choices that matter the most!