Tuesday, June 9, 2009

10 Honest things about me

I recieved this award from Noel over at Bloom Where your Planted
So thank you Noel.
Rules of the award
1. Thank the one that gave it to you.
2. list 10 honest things about yourself.
3. Give to 7 other blogger friends.
4. place the picture at the top of your post.
So here we go:
1. I believe Jesus died on the cross for me
2. I love being a SAHM who has the blessing to home school her children.
3. I love to sew, crochet, knit and quilt.
4. I am blessed with a loving husband and 4 great children. I have a family WOW!
5. I actually like to grocery shop
6. I color my hair
7. I make my own bread, soap and laundry soap. Want to try the butter still.
8. I like go to to parks and exploring nature with my children.
9. I really like the blogging world and the ideas from others my favorite bar just keeps growing with ideas. I like following others links to blogs I haven't found so I can get even more ideas.
10. I love being a housewife and mother.
Here are the 7 fellow blogger's I choose to share the award with .
Hope you enjoy the links as I do to other blogs.
7. Island Academy - Only problem I have no way of letting her know since I can't get to her blog from my computer for over 2 weeks now.

Please leave a comment, so I can read your list.
These 7 where hand picked from my daily reads.
Please enjoy them as I do.


The Real Me! said...

Oh thank you Tara, so much! I am woefully behind on my award receiving! LOL.

Noel said...

We have very similar interests :) Thanks for participating.

For Their Future said...

Thank you Tara! I love it! Can't wait to join you! I will put it up now!
God bless you!

Sherry said...

Thank you so much for the honest award. :D

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

Hello Tara~
Thanks for following! I love your blog!
Have a great evening~

A Joyful Chaos said...

I enjoyed this post. I will check out each of the links you provided.

LISA said...

I finally got this done.
Thanks for the challenge friend.
Have a blessed week:)

Mrs. Shields said...

tara - i just got back to my blog after a bit of a hiatus (started a new job, mom had surgery, etc.) thank you so much! i will work on it this weekend! blessings!