Monday, June 8, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today June 8, 2009
Outside my window..... The sun is shining brightly. The clouds are crisp white fluffy. Looking pure and clean. The sky is a beautiful blue.
I am thinking....God has answered some prayers.
From the learning rooms.....Today is phonics and math with the my youngest. LLALT and wordly wise with the oldest. We already wrapped up math with the oldest now just outside the finish with language arts.
I am thankful.....God has placed us in a church where we are able to be fed.
From the kitchen....Brownies for hubby, a must. He craves sweets more than I do. Still thinking dinner not sure yet. Chef salad and left overs most likely.
I am teddy bear nightgown. I haven't stopped long enough this morning to get dressed. Will be as soon as I am done with my daybook.
I am reading.....The Power of the Praying Wife by Stomie OMartian. Amy over at Dandelion Seeds is leading over a 1,000 women thru 30 days of praying for our husbands. To check it out use this link here. We are on Day 8 but you can still join in.
I am hoping.....the work that has been coming my husbands way keeps coming.
I am creating......another patchwork tote for my store Stitches By Tara on Etsy
I am praying......for my husband.
Around the house.....laundry being done. Very quite day with only two children at home today.
One of my favorite things......peace and quite at times. Even though I miss my little ones a whole lot when they are gone. I do enjoy having a break in the daily busyness.
A few plans for the rest of the week.....finish up language arts with the #2 son so he can go to Mimi and Papa's for a couple of weeks.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you.......BEST PALS!
My boys walk all around the house like this. The one on the bottom is actually the younger of the 2, but he is built like a tank. Even had the nickname by a past friend "tank". My 2 boys have even figured this is the way to reach the cabinets to put dishes away.
It is always nice to reflect on our daily journey. Life is simple.
Peggy is taking a break from her Daybook and will return September 14th.


Noel said...

I'm just waiting for my boys to figure that one out :) I'll put a picture on my blog if they ever do. I'm giving you the Honest Scrap Award, if you have time to list 10 honest things about yourself, let me know- I'd love to read :) Hope you're having a great summer!

Tara said...

I loved reading this post!! Thanks for dropping by my blog.... this is Tara too ;o) it's nice to meet you!!! ♥

Grandmother Wren said...

Hi Tara,

I’ve added a Mr. Linky at Grandmother Wren’s to make it easier for the Summer Daybook ladies to find and visit one another while Peggy is on vacation.

Please stop by on Mondays to add your link – I’d love to see your Daybook there!