Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Week end knitting

My #3 son loves to run around the house with his newest toy.
"The Swiffer "
I am all for a toy like this, that they want and helps clean up after themselves. All 4 are wanting to clean up spills and sweep, now.
First thing I did was figure out how to refill that bottle!
Was not about to by a bottle daily or weekly.
Next was the pads, again not going to spend a ton of money just because something says I must.
So we tried several things. Some were ok some where not.
Saturday night, I was at Micheals Craft Store.
Couldn't believe it, a free pattern for a swiffer cover, hanging right in front of my eyes. YES!
Grabbed that baby and the needles, for the socks I am attempting....(another post later)
Went home dragged out the scrap cotton yarn and began a little surprise for son (and myself).
This works great ! Will be making another one ........Next time with some fun colors

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Mrs. Shields said...

you are so very clever! i have been looking for ways to save on household items. you make it seems so easy!!!