Sunday, August 30, 2009

Black Concert Dress Complete!

If you have followed the daybook you have read about the famous black dress in the works for weeks now.

Poppy is excited and well she should be.
Poppy, Daddy, 3 brothers and mommy went to the fabric store just so...Little Poppy could pick out her special fabric for her special dress.
This was a big adventure for her, then she so patiently awaited mommy to make her very special dress.
If you could have heard her this morning as she walked in the sewing room to see the dress hanging awaiting her arrival.
Enough to make a mommies heart overflow.

Yes, it sparkles like stars in the night sky. All Poppy


Kathy C. said...

How absolutely beautiful - I can almost hear her squealing with delight. :)

Diane said...

It's beautiful!

The Real Me! said...

Oh my goodness. That dress is beautiful.
Great job!!

Marilyn G. said...

What a beautiful dress, Tara. She must feel like a little princess.