Monday, August 10, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today August 10,2009

Outside my window.....I can tell even with the coverings on the windows due the sun just pounding in, that it is another very warm day. Yesterday it rained a few streets over but not here. I do pray we get some rain today, I have some plants that were just transplanted.

I am thinking....I really need to call my SIL today. Not good to call her until later in the day so alot of times life runs away and the call is left undone.

I am thankful for...Jesus, he died for Tara. Ever stop to think about his suffering and pain. Yesterday in church I did. I do not want to go through the pain and suffering he went through. My suffering does not even compare. Why are we not more happy in the Lord?

From the learning rooms....we have are evaluation at the end of the month. We are already moving on with our studies. Daily math, geography and of course reading. Our science is growing nicely. I looked at it Saturday wow. Don't thing kids have checked it lately amazing how mold grows more unwatched.

From the kitchen...right now a good cup coffee, working on waking up. We may have club sandwhiches and soup for dinner. Just a simple dinner to finish off a day that I do not want to feel rushed around by. I want to brouse and linger today.

I am wearing...a nightgown I forgot I had, it is satin and long and great for summer.

I am creating... samethings, will they ever I finish them, yes. If not before violin they sure will when violin begins at least the sock. The black dress, I am taking my time since I want it perfect.

I am going...out today to brouse and stroll about. I need to stretch the legs, today is the day since I do have a couple of earns to run.

I am reading...this is low on the to do list...

I am hoping....we will not have to move

I am praying....for a miracle, God can provide it.

I am hearing...silence accept when my daughter says something to me. She is the first up for the day. Boys I am letting sleep they were very tired from playing with the cousins this weekend.

Around the house...hubby moved a couple things in my classroom to bring in his desk from his office. It is just to hot out in his office. I feel unsettled again with the moving of the tables and haven't figured their postioning yet.

One of my favorite things....cooperation, and how well a house can run when you have it.

A few plans for the rest of the week...Mail a thank you card to a dear and a wonderful couple from church. I went to be a blessing to them, and they ended up blessing a need I had. Teaching school and maybe a day to deep clean the house. It is feeling the need to be done.

Here is a picture thought I would like to share with MIL at Easter with her 8 grandchildren. This week is her birthday, a big one.

Thank you Peggy for the weekly reminder life is simple, you can keep it simple. It is all in what you decide to live. If you would like to take part or read more daybook's please visit Peggy at The Simple Woman's Daybooks.


Noel said...

Hey, I haven't read the McGuffey reader cover to cover, but in looking it over about half the book is about God or the Bible. The other half is poetry and stories of nature. I'll look it over more carefully soon. I bought it dirt cheap and it's brand new. Think I found it on

Noel said...

I'm still looking for a good book on WWI, "Paris 1919" is a really good book to see how peace was made and countries were carved up after the WWI. It was fascinating, but the absolute best book for WWII is "Delivered from Evil" by Robert Leckie. I came across this book a few years ago and liked it so much that I bought it. It covers the complete scope of the war on all fronts and contains short biographies of the major characters involved. I plan on using it alone to teach WWII history in a few years. it's that good. Good luck!

The Real Me! said...

Hello my friend. I loved reading your daybook. I haven't done one in awhile.
As far as the clipart on my blog of Pooh and friends, I just put a search in for Pooh Clip art but feel free to save that one on my blog. I believe it was free to use.
Hugs to you and have a great day!