Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blue birds returned!

This year we added another birdhouse under the trees. I am waiting to see if we can increase or blue birds. So exciting to see blue birds since they are so rare.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fun day of school

Yesterday we went to the Orlando Science Center with friends.

Quilt finished!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Prayer for Haiti

We have an Uncle that has been a missionary to Haiti for many many years. He has built a school which has many children. Every year we receive of picture of child we supported that year. Have seen many happy faces over the years.

As the news broke of the earthquake we learned Uncle Jim was there. Had to sleep out on the ground just in case the building collapsed.

I am asking for my friends to add our Uncle Jim and the children and their families to their prayer lists.

We have sent off extra to Uncle Jim to help him out with the families he ministers too.

Found on Facebook today that UPS is shipping up to 50lbs for free to Haiti. Can include food, shoes and clothing. I had just cleaned out my children's rooms, looks like the items have a place to go.

Prayers Haiti and Uncle Jim,

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First in 20 yrs

I know to most it doesn't look like much...but for us Floridans WOW!

To the children this was the biggest thing next to going to Disney.

Our Trampoline before waking the children
After waking them. They were able to even have a snowball fight.

This snowball is still in my freezer. Nathan says he plans om keeping it for ever.

Memories not to forgotten, like the fires of 95, and the flooding of 09. Who knows how long before we see snow again. It was 20 yrs since the last time.

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today January 4, 2010

Outside my window....The sun is shining but that hasn't changed that is very cold outside. The kids have already been out, to come back in and fill me in on their freezing experience.

I am thinking...of our school schedule and getting as much done as we can when we can.

I am thankful heat and a fireplace and that my husband works hard so that I don't have to get out in this cold first thing in the morning.

I am wearing....very comfy warm PJ's and slippers.

I am remembering....friend's son who has been away in the military for a year. Leaving behind his new bride.

I am currently reading...math books and language arts and story books to the younger children.

I am hoping....that I will find joy in what ever God has planned for us this year.

On my mind....what God has in store for my family

Noticing that...even though I am thinking and wondering what is in store this year for my family. I have no fear of it since it will be God's will for us.

Pondering these words.....

From the kitchen.....spaghetti, pancakes, soup eggs and bacon. Fresh made bread and a Cinnamon buns.

Around the house....quilt is so so close to done. I want to work on it today before we leave for orchestra. I should have the binding on by end of week. Keeping up with the kids and the floors their rooms. Laundry is being cycled through the machines.
Christmas tree is still up and I have no intention to take it down this week.

One of my favorite things....playing scrabble with my family

A picture of a very memorable moment in 2009.... my son on the radio.

Thank you Peggy for each week hosting The Simple Woman's Daybook.