Friday, January 15, 2010

Prayer for Haiti

We have an Uncle that has been a missionary to Haiti for many many years. He has built a school which has many children. Every year we receive of picture of child we supported that year. Have seen many happy faces over the years.

As the news broke of the earthquake we learned Uncle Jim was there. Had to sleep out on the ground just in case the building collapsed.

I am asking for my friends to add our Uncle Jim and the children and their families to their prayer lists.

We have sent off extra to Uncle Jim to help him out with the families he ministers too.

Found on Facebook today that UPS is shipping up to 50lbs for free to Haiti. Can include food, shoes and clothing. I had just cleaned out my children's rooms, looks like the items have a place to go.

Prayers Haiti and Uncle Jim,


Savings & Stewardship said...

I'm saying a prayer for your uncle right now - may the Lord keep him safe and use him at this time be the hands and feet of Jesus! What a wonderful blessing to have him there to minister at such a time like this!

I'd love you (and your readers) to come link up or comment at Savings & Stewardship, where we're donating $1 to World Vision per entry!

Christian Frugal Mama said...

I blogged and will give $0.25/comment or link!

Gifts For One Gifts For All said...

I'm giving $10 eCOUPONs to my online gift store Gifts For One Gifts For All ( to those that have donated to organizations helping the Haitian earthquake victims. When the eCOUPON is redeemed, 10% of the purchase will also be donated to organizations helping Haiti. Read my blog for more details at http:/