Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For today March 30, 2010

Outside my window...
the sun is about half risen. It's ray's are so beautiful coming
through the trees, as they cast in the window it reminds me
of God's awesomeness.

I am thinking...
of the projects I would like to have done today.

I am thankful for...
for all the ladies that ministered to our aunt this week
My daughter, Mil and I spent Sunday with her, glad I did she
needs more visitors then just mom.

I am wearing...
faith in our Lord, he has promised to
provide for our needs.

I am remembering....
the small things that I don't see as important
can be to my children.

I am creating...
I am hoping to finish the King size quilt today or at least this week.

I am going...
nowhere!!!! The school system is on spring break
Which means no orchestra or choir. Also means
lots of catch up in our home school. Love it.....

I am hoping and praying....
for several of my friends, who are all mom's of young children
 that are either going through chemo or are about to begin.

Continuing prayer for my husbands business to pick up more work.

From the learning rooms...
of course math and the LLATL
but we are also paying more attention to science and history.

I am hearing...
the boys out in the kitchen eating breakfast, baby is
not awake as of yet. This could be a good thing.

From the kitchen....
 Tonight sloppy joe's and steak
Wednesday Taco salad and nachos
Thursday homemade Pizza
Friday Hamburger and Hot Dogs
Saturday cincinnati chili

Around the house...
minor picking up, dishes needing to be put away.
Easter egg coloring
Everyone is feeling better, except hubby who is still
struggling with the pine pollen.

One of my favorite things...
hubby working

a few plans for the rest of the week...
tomorrow the children and I are getting together
with a friend around the corner. Nathan will get to try his hand at fishing
in their pond.
We have talked some about going to St Augustine.
 Sunday is Resurrection Day. We will go down to mom's
after church for the children to play and have a egg hunt and a cook out.

Here is a picture thought...
one project finished

two others in the works

Thank you Peggy for the time to reflect each week on our life.
Also for reminding simple is worth so much more then anything else.

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The Man Crew said...

Hey there, fellow blogging friend :) Nothing too fancy going on with the egg shells, just break a small hole in the small end and empty out the egg, then carefully cut around the middle, place cut side down and start stacking! Your crafts look lovely, hope you are having a great week!