Wednesday, May 12, 2010

update on Simon

photo taken by pooh bear and piglet
with a request to post.
They want you all to know who Simon is.


As of today Simon finally began to drink some water (Praise).
Then this afternoon due to a truck horn, Simon actually had enough
 energy to come out of his home (Praise).
To keep him calm and close I did place a leash on him as we
 were outside, he did pee pee. (big Praise). These
are positive signs we believe, since he has not come out of his
house or drank, since the attack.
As he moves you can see it is very painful for him.
He definitely has many puncture wounds and a
some lacerations on his body.Our main concern is
 the soft ball size swellingon his lower belly.
The swelling around it has gone down
so the hemotomia (sp?) is more visible now.
 It has not increased in size its self, so another praise.


With Simon being up it did give us the opportunity
 to change his bedding, and give him
a nice cushy bed to be more comfortable on. We also took this
 as a chance to spray
him real good with more Lanocaine to help fight any infection.
He then climbed back into his home and has been
peacfully resting since.


Thank you so much for the prayers and the
many kind words each of you have left.
They have meant the world to us especially
 pooh bear who's heart has been breaking
 seeing his dog so injured.

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Breezy Point Mom said...

Tara, oh my goodness, I was behind on blogs this week and just now read about that horrible attack on Simon. I am so happy he is improving and I appreciate you keeping us posted. Poor thing, that is just awful. Our dog was bitten by a neighbor's dog this winter, nothing near as bad as Simon went through, and I remember so well the feeling of injustice it aroused. I can well imagine how frustrating it is for you.