Thursday, July 8, 2010

awesome week

I really intended to post pictures daily of our adventure
including things we saw on our drive.
Time and bed and tiredness won this week.

This is the cello's today.
Tomorrow is the recital to close out our week of camp, I am looking
forward to hearing all the different groups.

I will try to post this week end, more detail of all the things
my children learned this week.

It has been a awesome experience and so glad we
took the leap of faith.

Tomorrow Nathan and Marissa will have a
audition to the year program.
My two older ones did this back in May/June.

Just keep saying it is so much more then we imagined.
All ready a huge change in their music.


Felicity said...

Absolutely great!!

Breezy Point Mom said...

Was this through MAYS? It must have been great. I am glad it exceeded your expectations. Thanks for your comments.