Tuesday, August 10, 2010

friendship of 22 years coming to an end


I had a feeling a couple months back something was wrong.

I tried cleaning and oiling, It just made the popping sound a bit less audible.

Well this week end as I was working on that special quilt (pictured below) I have been telling everyone about for weeks now.

The machine decided it no longer wants to work correctly. Spent a couple of hours over at the local quilt shop with the ladies. And they confirmed that it is not operator error, not knowing how to free motion quilt. Dear old friend is worn out, only thing she wants to do is straight stitch. Which is ok in her old age, she can help my children learn to sew.

We have been through a lot together and I am not ready to part from her just yet.

Hopefully soon she will be joined by a new friend. That will do all that I am requiring these days plus some.

Spent the weekend shopping online and scoping out what others are using.

Most that I have chosen are out of range with the wallet. Such as my first choice down below.

Here was my first choice

Janome MC-6600P


then I thought if Kenmore has been great before maybe I should stay there so I began looking at this one


Then the ladies at the quilt shop showed me this one. I am so not a brother fan, but I began to fall in love.

Brother NX-450Q

Wouldn’t need to buy anything extra it comes with it all including the quilt foot. Their was a woman there that had hers for almost a year and was a die hard Singer. She loves hers. It has all the features that the Janome has above. But cheaper and can get here local and receive 5 free classes plus a few other bonus things.



Any of you quilting ladies out there that want to leave a comment and help me out here. The choices are over whelming.

I don’t want to be diving into this decision lightly. We are talking a new companion that I want around as long as the last or longer.




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The Real Me! said...

Oh it's so sad when a friendship like that dies. I upgraded to a Kenmore and love it. But I'm not an avid sewer. But it has a lot of extras. I guess it all depends on what you are going to use it for most and what machine will give you the most options for that.
Not much help was I? LOL!
Can't wait to see what you pick.